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A visual is custom work. It is therefore very difficult to make a fixed price.

In a conversation we first discuss the wishes, after which a calculation is made later.
Any extra hours from me will not be charged.
For example, I calculate a visual on two hours and I need a total of 3 hours to prepare it, are the extra hours not charged to the customer.

With me you can, as it were, “buy extra” services.
This is how you start with a basic photo shoot. You are not obliged to immediately purchase the photos or image edits. The photos are put raw on a site called pixieset.
These photos are password protected and can only be viewed by yourself.
For example, you can buy photos again as soon as the budget allows.

I work closely with Monique Desar for the dresses. For an impression you can look at and for the headpieces I work together with Mir’s Portfolio (

You can make the appointment at

When you book you agree to the terms and conditions.

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